Our Environmental Engineering Projects

projects-button NESA’s staff has developed an excellent track record in a variety of challenging projects and has successfully completed hundreds of investigation, assessment and remediation projects. NESA provides remedial services to industry, business and the government and has major contracts for remedial services at retail petroleum stations, refineries, pipelines, commercial properties and industrial sites. Our services include the following main areas.

  • Remedial investigation and assessment, feasibility study, design testing, risk assessment using EPA and ASTM procedures.
  • Mathematical modeling of the fate and transport of contaminants.
  • Remediation technology development, remedial engineering design, and remedial action plans.
  • Regulatory agency and local community interface.
  • Remediation technology installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Remediation oversight, permit preparation and final site closure reports.
  • Additionally, NESA conducts its own biological and geotechnical analysis and extensively use mathematical models for assessment, evaluation and remedial system design.
  • NESA has successfully conducted remedial activities at sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, PNAs, lead, and metals.

NESA has many cost-effective successes to share with you. An Officer of NESA (Abdul S. Abdul, Ph.D., PHG) is an inventor of several practical, low-cost remediation and treatment technologies. NESA has significant experience and great successes with the following innovative technologies.

  • Source Area Removal by Excavation.
  • Groundwater Pumping and Treatment.
  • Soil Vapor Extraction and Treatment.
  • Enhanced Bio-venting.
  • Air Sparging with Soil Vapor Extraction and Treatment.
  • Vacuum enhanced product recovery and dewatering
  • Enhanced Chemical and Biological Oxidation.
  • Bio-treatment of Air Emission.
  • In-situ Surfactant washing.